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The one thing we love to do is SHARE! If the archive’s worth doing, it has to be worth sharing! And not only is it worth sharing it’s a fine, fine tool for highlighting the fact that our area’s story is not all doom and gloom as the press might have you believe, but a site of happy families, stylish people, bonnie babies and more recently sporting heroes and heroines.

As Part of the annual Craigmillar Festival, Johnni Stanton created the first exhibition: Craigmillar Then,  featuring what he had collected to date.

Summer 09

So popular did Craigmillar Then prove to be, the exhibition was given a 2nd airing - New and Improved, you could say... For this all the stops were pulled - Edinburgh and International Arts Impresario Richard Demarco opened the show to a packed and keenly appreciative audience of locals - past and present. Word was out...interest in the archives was growing, with requests from the Craigmillar Diaspora - New Zealand, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, the States, Europe - pouring in.

Far Left: Richard Demarco &  Communities Minister, Kenny MacAskill, enjoying the New & Improved!
Craigmillar Then.

Left: a famous Niddrie brick.
:  Richard Demarco enjoying the exhibition.

Richard Demarco at Craigmillar Archives exhibition

By now everybody was talking...interest in the archives was growing and with it people’s enthusiasm for the idea of preserving the area’s social history - especially as the bulldozers and wrecking balls moved in to obliterate a barely recorded past.

As Johnni, our archivist began digging and networking with archive enthusiasts (and there are plenty of them) the collection was growing. But now there were pictures whose provenance was Unknown...
But not for long. With the very popular
Forensic Fortnight visitors were invited to come to study hard copies and view pictures on our PC to see who or what they could identify.

Needless to say, many also brought even more images and resources all of which were scanned  to swell our digital files! More exhibitions were proving necessary!

Jan/Feb 10

Christmas 09

To commemorate the success of the archives and in response to growing interest, the first archive Calendar for 2010 was produced, selling out so quickly we could only wish we’d done more!

Andrew a contributor gets 'arrested'

ABOVE TOP: Locals enjoying the forensic exhibition

ABOVE BOTTOM: Andy Weddell helping the police with their enquires! The local police helped out and got in the swing while people used the equipment we set up to help ID the pix. Can you ID more?

Forensic Fortnight

Craigmillar Then...Redux

Autumn 09

Craigmillar Then...

The First Craigmillar Archives Calendar