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The Craigmillar Archives Trust - C.A.T. were proud and happy to be part of the White House re-opening. Restored to its former glory, the White House is now ready to resume its place at the heart of the community.

The Archives were asked by PARC to be put together an exhibition which showed the history of the area. Hard work, fun and ultimately very satisfying, so we agreed! Running until June 2011, this exhibition show-cased a tiny fraction of what we have, but offered a rich taster of what it to come. We hope you had the opportunity to check it out.

Above Top Right: Left to right - C.A.T team with Kenny MacAskill. Left to right: Gus, Kenny, Hilary, Johnni Bottom right: Johnni talks to the media (see YouTube link)  
Above Left:
the Archive exhibition at the White House.

What’s Ahead for Craigmillar’s Archives

On Thursday 28th of April 2011, the Archives had their inaugural meeting. The Archives are now  constituted as a Trust and registered charity- The Craigmillar Archives Trust - with trustees drawn from the local community. Most are local residents but a few either former residents or people who have worked consistently within the area for years.

Read about our Trustees. Our constitution and Articles will be available online shortly, along with full details of how you can join and help ensure the future of this amazing project.

We are also happy to say that we are now a registered charity which allows us to seek funding to pursue options on how best to provide public access to the archives and look for ways for developing the archives’ materials.

The Archives want to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from our materials. We have therefor stuck our toe in the water and have produced our first book. We very much hope this will be the first of many. At the moment costs are proving excessive - we have a demo book (ask at the White House exhibition to see a copy), but until we can find a way to get the cost down...or find some way of subsidising’s a case of watch this space.

Let us know what you think a reasonable price would be for a 24-36 page, photo book of the archives images would be…

Available from Mid-May, the first title is Women, Children and Families and features images going back to WWI - some unique and never before available. Please contact Johnni Stanton for further information or check back for details of how to order.
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Above: Johnni with local councillor Maureen Childs outside the White House.

Craigmillar Archives Trust & The White Hoose Exhibition

Establishing the Craigmillar Archives Trust

The First Archives Book!

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