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Craigmillar Archives Trust: Working with others.

Keen volunteer, Trustee and major supporter Billy McKirdy has been busy transferring videos and more to digital formats. He has created his own section on Youtube - Craigmillar Gold - to share this work.

This activity caught the interest of the Scottish Screen Archive. It would seem we have some pretty rare and  interesting footage. In some cases the ONLY copies of some amazing stuff.

The Scottish Screen Archive naturally were interested in how we could share this material and we were happy to oblige! Happily Scottish Screen Archive were able to secure funding to transfer this rare material to digital formats, thus securing its future. Soon we will have copies which we aim to make widely available.

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Such is the interest and enthusiasm for the Archive, Johnni Stanton has been approached by several local groups, keen to utilise the Archives’ incredible and ever expanding materials


During the summer months, as part of the Craigmillar Festival, the Archives play a vital and exciting role in developing local writing talent with a Creative Writing contest, held in partnership with Adult Learning Link.
The judges are alwayshugely impressed at the writing talent -
over 100 entrants now. Creativity is alive and well in Craigmillar.

As a result Craigmillar once more has active writers and to date CAT with ALL has in partnership with city-wide groups produced a series of events. See Projects for more information.


As the Venchie drew  close to its 50th (yes, you read that right!) anniversary, Johnni and CAT worked with the Venchie, not only to add their materials to the Archives, but to curate an exhibition from this work. And again - another face will be there for the opening.

See Projects for more information.

Local Artist Grace Pow’s pen/Ink/pencil drawing of an archives image.
Billy McKirdy - keen Archive supporter and technician presents Scottish Screen with rare footage.

Responses have been good and we hope that other sites will link to ours. But meantime help spread the word and give us your own feedback

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Catalogue - creating a searchable resource for all.

Possibly the biggest challenge facing the Archives is cataloguing our huge and ever increasing collection. This is a massive undertaking for a small, unfunded charity and one which will rely upon us either being granted funds, or the ability of our volunteers to raise funds. Nonetheless, it remains key to success. Software to make this happen has been bought and the cataloguing has begun, but given how vast the archives are, it may be sometime before all the materials are on our database.

Meantime, Johnni Stanton, the founder of the Archives, remains accessible to all enquiries from those who might wish to utilise our resources. However, Johnni has suffered serious health problems, which has simply stressed the need for the Archives to be catalogue and ideally to find a home locally.

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