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Towards the end of 2011, The Craigmillar Archives Trust were proud and  happy to help with this major community event in partnership with The Venchie, KITS, Craigmillar Library, Craigmillar Arts & the Environment Project,  Neighbourhood Alliance , Hunters Hall Co-op, Craigmillar Community Council.

Events included:
OPENING POEM by Craigmillar Makar, Diane Heron, DOUGHNUTS, KITS and the play - “CREATURE FEATURE”  (written by Johnni Stanton, performed by the Kreepy Theatre Company), Story and WALK AROUND THE GARDEN (with Tim Porteous) A FIRE SHOW, LANTERN JUDGING  (turnips only - in keeping
with SCOTTISH tradition!- No pumpkins!) Music -  R & B with Rachael Bell & Bob Urquhart- Guitar & Drums - COSTUME & GUISING JUDGING (by MSP & Councillors) STORY TELLER  - Heather Henderson's Scary Stories -  FIREWORKS! And the LONE PIPER.  Then GRAND FINALE - FIRE SCULPTURE created by Mark Carr to the sound of the BELTANE DRUMMERS
THROUGHOUT THE EVENING: FOOD and MUSIC  and THE SHRIEKING SHACK! With Prizes, prizes, prizes for best guisers; best fancy dress and best turnip lanterns. With dedicated  volunteers  assisting in the kitchen, serving soup, stovies and other refreshments it was a night of screaming fun! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! - with over 500 attending!
Young guisers lining up for judging of the best outfit. And far right - the winner!
Left - volunteers in the kitchen, for the all important stovies and soup!
Right the Creature Feature cast!
Far right - the Lone Piper
The Shrieking Shack - yes, it really was that scary!
Far right: drummers
Left: one of the Giant Puppets, Rachael and Bob providing music and Heather Turner volunteer extraordinaire!
The Fund Raiser - Jumble Sale
In March desperate to raise funs to do a calendar for 2013, we held a jumble sale at the Venchie and raised enough to kick-start the
2013 calendar. It was hard word but great fun - and again an event that showed how BRILLIANT all our volunteers are. More to the point - the jumble sale gave a lot of people a lot of fun and some mighty bargains!
Above left  and above - the volunteer team  and in action...
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