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Craigmillar Archives Trust offers the following A  BIG THANKS

We have friends, fans, supporters and soon Trustees - all of whom deserve acknowledgement.

The Craigmillar Archives Trust  wishes gratefully to acknowledge the help and permissions of the following:

The Archives would never have grown, developed or even have come into existence without the help, support and input of those who recognised and responded to its ambitions. Below are some short lists of those to whom we have a special debt of gratitude.

Please email us if there are people or groups who you feel we may have forgotten and we will amend ASAP

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Friends, Supporters and Contributors of the Craigmillar Community Archives

Julie Armstrong            

Mikey Ashworth

Rachael Bell                  
Alexander “Bronx” Brown

Jim Campbell                

George Carlin
Robert Cleary  

Christine Docherty
Roy Drummond

Stacey Ferguson
 Cliff Field  

Archie Foley

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Please email us to let us know if any of the links are broken or no longer operational. Thanks

George Lewis
Joe & Frances Linden
Jessie Lyle
Eileen Lynch
Georgina Lynch
Casey McCormack

Lee McCormack
Billy McKirdy

Betty Norris (nee Grant)

Mary Prentice (nee Forbes)
Quilietti Family              


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Below are links to organisations - local, city based or national who have helped the Craigmillar Community Archives.

We gratefully acknowledgements our contributors for the final display and our ever-growing Archives of pictures, documents, maps and artefacts.

Rita Rintoul (nee Law)
James Scoular

Winnie Smith
Stanton Family
Arthur Taylor
Andy Tulloch
Bob Urquhart

Abe Woods


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Ken Forsyth
Graeme Fulton

Sandra Givan
Eric (McKenzie) Gold

Adam Goodall
Stewart Graham

The Greenan family

Robert Henderson

Dave Henniker
Catriona Kerr
(Bingham & District Project)

Mary Kerr   

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