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Above & below: readers and authors
Diane - Makar, Andrew Crummy, Johnni Stanton., Jak, Rachael, Milton, audience & readers waiting to perform, Peter
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If you read about how CAT reinvigorated writing in the area, you will be aware just how much talent there is in Craigmillar.

Why there should be so much talent with words is anyone’s guess, but there is no doubting that the people of Craigmillar like using words…and use them well. It quickly became apparent that there was talent that needed put into print to gain the wide audience it so deserved.

From the events CAT supported, it quickly became apparent that several strands of writing were gaining prominence and popularity:

Just who to publish first quickly became apparent when Heather Turner was awarded the Craigmillar Writing Festival’s cup in 2013. A popular winner with a unique and idiosyncratic voice, Heather’s verse covered such a wide range of emotion, humour, observation and style that the biggest challenge quickly proved to be which of her huge selection of poems to include.

Over several retreats and forays into the countryside to focus on her work, the first collection was published in December 2013…and immediately sold vigorously!

Heather Turner - 2013 Cup Winner

Lead Out - the title of our publishing venture had begun, and just a few days later, issue 2, our reminiscence collection - Back in the Day-  rolled off the presses and began selling just as quickly.

In February 2014, Johnni Stanton, who so valiantly reinvigorated our local writers and their events, will feature in issue 3, with Issue 4 to be decided…Watch this space.

Should you wish to purchase any of our publications, please contact us.