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Although strictly speaking this was not an exhibition using archive images, the archives were beginning to show its worth and had secured funding for local artists to respond to the legacy of the Maxwell Mural, featured at Space. Opened by the famous Scottish artist and writer John Byrne, this exhibition was a reminder of another wonderful overlooked feature of the area.

poster for Maxwell Legacy poster for 4f Exhibition

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June 10

The Fantastic Four: Fun Families Fashion & Faces

The archives are now massive and the exhibitions based on it have proven hugely  popular, bringing in new visitors and new members and allowing us to build new links with other organisations. Many who visited have also brought new  materials to add to the archives.

To date, exhibitions have focused on artefacts, photos and memorabilia. The next step is for our artists to step up and interact with the archives, seeing if there are images, ideas and inspiration within it.For the 4F exhibition we based the show on the images that jump out from the archives, images which confound expectations of the area and go some way to countering the negative press the area has received.

Hence the Fantastic Four - Fun, Families, Fashion and Faces as this is what jumps out.

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Christmas 10

Above left: Dedicated Archive supporters enjoying  the 4F Exhibition
Below right: Artist Aurora with her painting based on a Archive image.

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