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About the Craigmillar Community Archive
The Craigmillar Archives Trust.

The Craigmillar Community Archives have evolved slowly, through the interests, passions and enthusiasm of Johnni Stanton, then latterly through the interest, support and enthusiasms of those who saw the first exhibition created from its resources and who wanted to contribute, encourage and ensure the archive's continuation and development.

The Craigmillar Community Archive’s (now officially The Craigmillar Archives Trust) subsequent popularity relies on several factors:

Main Street Newcraighall 1900s Gus Meechan, Kenny MacAskill and Mural Craigmillar vanished icons and sights in Craigmllar postcard

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artistic rendering of archive image Craigmillar Devlin bros Craigmillar 2010 getting cheap EEC butter mountain butter Craigmillar 70s Eddie Stanton guitarist Craigmillar 1949 Robert Martin Craigmillar 1948 School Play Craigmillar